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VSF Basecamp is a 6-month program that helps B2B SaaS Startups build flywheel revenue capital efficiently, and craft a Value SaaS business. Previous cohorts of Upekkha Tribe Startups got to 2x growth year on year with minimal to no new external funding. Upekkha’s VSF Basecamp program is 100% aligned to founder interests with meaningful outcomes. By applying battle-tested Value SaaS frameworks, through peer learning, mentorship, personal training, community and inflection point jumps, SaaS Founders enhance their optionality with freedom and flexibility, building predictable, scalable and profitable growth.

Craft Your Value SaaS Flywheel

Product-Market Fit is Investor language, SaaS Founders go after flywheel revenue which is when an investment of $1 in business generates more than $1. UpekkhaTribe Founders get to Flywheel Revenue by building Value SaaS with uncompromising focus on unit economics first, and only then stepping on the growth pedal. As a SaaS Founder, getting to flywheel revenue this way gives you confidence, independence, freedom and flexibility, to then decide if you should grow a hypergrowth venture scale startup or choose to be a founder forever.

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Upekkha Value SaaS Flywheel

Enhance Optionality

Having freedom and options is why a Founder gets started in the first place. Building SaaS Flywheel Revenue the Value SaaS way, gives Founders like you that power. It means saying no to ugly terms on a term sheet, not getting cornered into an acquisition conversation, less worry about how you will pay salaries next month, and essentially, never feeling trapped as a Founder. With Upekkha, you learn to create flywheel outcomes for your startup along with other Value SaaS Founders, using frameworks that have worked repeatedly for predictable, profitable and scalable growth.

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Belong To A Tribe

As a first-time SaaS Founder, being part of the #UpekkhaTribe community helps accelerate your outcomes. When you learn and collaborate with peer Founders, you avoid mistakes that waste years, and get to share your struggles, learnings and resources with others who are going through or have gone through the same things as you on the SaaS growth journey. At Upekkha you will be part of a community of Value SaaS Founders that truly has each other’s backs.

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Belong to a Tribe

Accelerate Your Path To Flexibility,
Choice and Growth

Upekkha’s VSF Basecamp is a
6-month SaaS Accelerator program for B2B SaaS Startups. 

Applications are open now Deadline: August 16 2020



$ 1 M
Tribe ARR

Creating The Next Generation of SaaS Leaders from India

"Sometimes you need an outside-in perspective to help you move towards your goal by quickly identifying your critical bottlenecks and biases. For Interview Mocha, Upekkha has been a game changer and got us to 2x growth"
Amit D Mishra
Interview Mocha
“Decluttering the complexity we'd unnecessarily created as a startup is one of the biggest value adds. The Upekkha community is very helpful, and I really like how thoughtfully this network has been built. Very impactful approach"
Kalyan Varma
"Nothing short of enlightenment for SocialPilot and me, personally. We were doing too many things without a structure, but Upekkha helped us sort out our priorities and cut down clutter to focus on things that will move the needle."
Tejas of SocialPilot
Tejas Mehta
Girish Mathrubootham
Girish M, Freshworks
Pallav Nadhani - Fusion Charts
Pallav N,
Krish, Chargebee
Krish, Chargebee
David Hauser
David H, Chargify
Aneesh Reddy
Aneesh R, Capillary
Vijay R
Vijay R, Minjar

Backed By Some Of The Best Angels in SaaS

The Monks Making It Happen

Prasanna K

Prasanna is a founder coach with a life mission to help entreprenuers craft capital efficient SaaS businesses while retaining optionality.

Shekar Nair

Shekar is a business leader and helps portfolio startups with organization challenges, financial discipline, investment needs and enterprise sales process.


Rajan is a product leader and an M&A strategist. At Upekkha he helps portfolio startups with strategic growth through M&A and category design.

Build A
Value SaaS Business

Value SaaS is a way of building subscription software businesses which are capital-efficient from day one, keeping the founders in full control and encouraging rapid growth.

We wrote a guide for early-stage SaaS Founders who are on the journey to their first $10,000 in monthly recurring revenue (MRR). It contains insights distilled from our experiences and the experiences of several Indian SaaS founders.

Say no to Vanity SaaS White

Join the Value SaaS Tribe


Who should apply?

B2B SaaS startups with early revenues

What are the key dates?

Applications close on August 16, 2020.  
Program commences on September 30, 2020

What is the selection process?

The selection process involves two rounds of interviews – one with the Upekkha Tribe startup founders and one with Upekkha Partners.

Whats the program duration?

Accelerator program runs for 6 months. You become a member of the tribe for eternity. 

What is the program like?

Intense engagement with sprints, reviews and consultative sessions. Carefully crafted concoction of SaaS frameworks, actionaible insights and peer learning modules. 

What is the program fee?

4% equity. For accelerator program and lifetime tribe membership

Join the Value SaaS Tribe